My life in a summary…

Well it all started when this young couple fell in love and decided they wanted to build a family. Well, out of that great big love they gave birth to three daughters started in 1979, 1987, 1992. Definitely a big age gap between my sisters and I. My parents I would say are very realistic and even though we all get mad over this big age gap between us I am glad that they did things the way they did. Because, of that they have been able raise us well and take good care of us. I admire them for being able to raise this family without third party help. They sacrificed a lot coming in to this country to give us all a better life. I would like to say that we have turned out ok. I would like to turn things around and go back to school even if it’s for a short continuing education. I want to be in a better place and be able to make my mother proud of the daughter she raised. If I have the opportunity I believe and know it is definitely up to me to make it. I don’t ever want to rely on anyone to be successful. Iphone picture 2014 1292  


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