Conversations over drinks

Well, typical GNO you have some drinks, you let loose and so it begins. Being able to talk to someone without any filter is the best. I’m glad I have the friends that I do some more than others. So, much has happened in a year that I don’t believe I have found the time to forgive him. And by him I mean my father. Last year on Nov. 25th he came home from his job and asked my mom for a divorce after 35 years!!! He claimed that this whole lifetime they’ve had together he was never happy. That he had never truly felt loved. Well, it came down to him taking off with all he had and took all the money they had in the bank. He took off and went missing or days. We searched for him everywhere. Thanksgiving came and the whole family including my nephews asked where he was at?! What where we supposed to say to them. I had to say our Thanksgiving prayer, which by the way I had never said before. I was so broken and disappointed that he had walked out on us like that, it was the kind of story that I had only seen in movies and for this to be happening to my family?!!! Well, my sister finally heard from him. He had fled to Mexico to be with this woman he had connected with through social media( go figure) . He claimed the same to my sister that he hadn’t been happy before and felt truly loved until now. My sister was in shock as we all where too. It was then when I actually lost hope and faith in true love I mean if they didn’t make it, what would make me think that I ever could. It was then when I knew what a broken heart really felt like. To see my mother the way she was, how sad, depressed, devastated, etc. that was the worst. My mom means the world to me and seeing her like that was just not a good feeling. Here we are a year later they worked through it he came home and they’ve even attended couples therapy to deal with it all. I don’t ever think I’ll trust him with my life or my feelings. Am I too shallow, or what is the word I am looking for??? I’m disappointed in him in the universe for setting this up they way it happened when it happened where it happened. Why then why before thanksgiving when we are supposed to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our life’s. Why did he ruin this holiday for us?! All for some bitch?! I’m scared right now because it’s only three days until his anniversary from when he left us and broke our hearts.


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